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Bachelor Fantasy League
Survivor Fantasy League
Big Brother Fantasy League
Big Brother
Amazing Race Fantasy League
Amazing Race
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RuPaul's Drag Race
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Dancing with the Stars
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Masked Singer
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Tough As Nails
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Top Chef
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The Voice
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American Idol
MasterChef Fantasy League
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Lego Masters
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America's Next Top Model
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Food Network Star
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Project Runway

Game Modes

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Multi Player

Traditional Fantasy League
Traditional Fantasy League
Winner Takes All Fantasy League
Winner Takes All
Bracket Fantasy League
Bracket Style League

Single Player

Winner Prediction Pick Fantasy League
Predict the Winner
Player Rankings Prediction Fantasy League
Player Rankings

Unlimited Players

Office Pool Fantasy League
Office Pool
Top 5 Fantasy League
Top 5

The Basics

Create and Join Leagues, Draft Contestants, and watch your Points add up while striving for the ultimate bragging rights. Forget about old school brackets on paper or excel spreadsheets. We will do all the work for you and automatically update the scoring.

Unlike other online fantasy leagues, we offer several Multi-Player game modes, including the Traditional Fantasy League Mode where contestants earn points based on their actions for the week, Bracket Style, where you get points based on lasting in the competition, and Winner Takes all where the team that drafts the season winner will win the League. Traditional Fantasy League Mode has at least 30 scoring categories for each main show. Contestants get points for entertaining us, whether it helps or hurts their game. The contestants' actions are unique and point categories may have some gray area. For example, if a contestant is "fake crying" does that count as "crying". A majority vote is taken by our staff in these situations and points can be corrected up to a week after the show. For Solo-Players, we also have a Winner Pick game where you can declare your winner pick for each season and the Player Rankings game which lets you rank all the players in the season in the order you think they will place. If you have a very large group, you can start an Office Pool or Top 5 League where each team can set their own brackets. You can find more details on our How to Play page. Our site is mobile device friendly too so you can keep up with your teams on the go!

iOS Devices

To add to your apps, visit on Safari on your iOS Device. At the bottom of the browser screen click the icon: iOS App. Scroll down through the options and click "Add to Home Screen" The site will now appear among your Apple Apps.


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