Reality TV Top Chef Fantasy League

Top Chef Fantasy League

Game Modes

Reality TV Top Chef Bracket Style
Bracket Style

Multi Player

Top Chef Bracket Style: Earn more points the longer your Draft Picks last

Reality TV Top Chef Winner Takes All
Winner Takes All

Multi Player

Top Chef Winner Takes All: Draft the show Winner

Reality TV Top Chef Player Ranking
Player Ranking

Single Player

Top Chef Player Ranking: Predict the Player Rankings for the Season

Reality TV Top Chef Winner Pick
Winner Pick

Single Player

Top Chef Winner Pick: Predict the Winner of the Season

Reality TV Top Chef Office Pool
Office Pool

Unlimited Player

Top Chef Office Pool: Submit a full bracket, earn points for accuracy

Reality TV Top Chef Top 5
Top 5

Unlimited Player

Top Chef Top 5: Pick Top 5. Earn 1-5 Points each week they last.

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